Five Movies So Bad, It’s Scary

Brutally honest reviews of movies that we wouldn’t exactly call “great.”
Five Movies So Bad, Its Scary

The Ridiculous 6 

Let’s just say The Ridiculous 6 isn’t Adam Sandler’s finest two hours. To begin with,  the controversial film (set in the Western Frontier) got 0% on the Tomatometer and  contains numerous racially charged gags directed at Native American culture.  Multiple Native American actors and actresses quit while producing the movie. The  film’s costumes for the Native tribes are also inaccurate, according to those who  walked out. Besides these factors, the movie’s humor seems force-fed into the  viewer’s stomach, and its plot is predictable and monotonous. I would rather walk on LEGO barefoot than watch this disaster of a movie a second time

Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood & Honey 

My peers recommended this movie because of how bad it is. It’s #68 on Rotten  Tomatoes’ “100 Worst Movies of All Time” list. This hour-and-forty-minute mistake of a  movie has a startling 3% on the Tomatometer, which I’m not sure how it even managed to  get a number that high. The story, of course, is about a murderous Winnie and Piglet, abandoned by Christopher Robin, turning perfectly innocent characters into horrifying  monstrosities. Why would anyone make this? No idea.


I had to scroll to the bottom of the barrel for this treasure. Though the movie was short, it  was definitely not sweet. Starting our nightmare off, picture this… Endlessly used background  music, a whacked out crow, and a farmer who needs to rethink his dental plan; you know the  basic Halloween factors. He is in a pumpkin patch, forcefully throwing pumpkins into a wheel  barrow when he finds this delightful looking one that looks like a face. In the next scene this  nasty little boy and his dad are buying pumpkins from the farmer and the boy sees this pumpkin,  ominously sitting away from all of the other pumpkins, and starts making a scene, “THAT  ONE!” he yells over and over again, the same crow chiming in for good measure. Finally the dad  gives in but oh is he going to regret it. The only good parts of this movie were the crow, the  farmer who smiled like he knew what was going to happen when he made that sale and the  carved out human head. Talk about revenge for all the pumpkins. 

The Free Fall 

After an accident of which she can’t remember, Sarah awakes to a life she doesn’t  remember with a husband she doesn’t remember (who seems very sketchy), after the tragedy of  her parents death. Fifty minutes in I dozed off, twice… It was four in the afternoon. Enough said  for what’s supposed to be a horror movie.


Age appropriate casting, it’s important. You can’t keep putting 30 year olds in high school, especially if your target audience is teenagers. Ouija did not follow this rule, and it looked  like all of them could have had a downpayment on a house. But when the supposed group of  high schoolers use a ouija board to talk to their dead friend, surprise surprise it doesn’t end well.  Who would’ve thought? While unraveling the past, all of the group die, except strangely the girl who started it all and her reckless sister. 

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